Immediate Success for Satori World Medical

The inspiration of Steven Lash to put up Satori World Medical was due to an article that he read in 2007 from Time Magazine which was entitled “Outsourcing Your Heart.” This article focused on the rise of medical tourism in the world. After reading that article, the innovative Satori medical was created. Satori World Medical was established in mid-early 2008 by Lash in its so-called world headquarters in San Diego, California. This company gives employers, health plans, plan sponsors as well as employees the chance to experience world class quality healthcare at a cost that they can easily afford.

During the first year of the company in the healthcare industry, Steven Lash hired the best management to compose his team. This was, obviously, a good decision by Lash since the company became a popular provider of quality healthcare in just its first year. It also helped that Lash had different connections in this line of business having worked for a number of companies in the same industry before he founded Satori World Medical. Some of the previous work experience of Lash was with Sharp Healthcare, DermTech International, and Woodward Laboratories.

The year 2009 was a good one for Steven Lash and Satori World Medical. Lash was named as one of the 20 Trailblazers and Trendsetters of 2009 by the popular business publication Entrepreneur Magazine. This magazine is a publication that provides news stories about entrepreneurialism, small business management, and business opportunities. Aside from being published in the United States, it is also being circulated in Mexico, Russia, India, Hungary, Philippines, and South Africa. This distinction given to Lash by such a prestigious and reputable publication shows the great work that he has given to the healthcare industry

Satori World Medical, on the other hand, was named as one of the 100 Brilliant Companies to watchfor in the emerging multi-million dollar medical tourism industry, also by the Entrepreneur Magazine. Entrepreneur also recognized the company as a leader in the healthcare industry despite its young age, at that time, in the business. The magazine noticed that the innovative business model created by Lash for Satori could help the company to reach even greater heights in the industry.

The success that Satori World Medical achieved in its industry was a quick one. Having a guy like Lash “running the show” for the company certainly paved the way for their success. With him still around the company, greater things are in store for their loyal clients.